Genius Number Services


Direct to a landline, mobile or international number. It can follow you – just like a friendly stalker.
Online Reports
Real time statistics and monthly summaries for all calls.
Who, where and why reports.
Just the same as your Nokia, Samsung or iPhone. We offer voicemail on all of our inbound numbers.
“You said this.” “You said that.” Whether it’s compliance, staff training or monitoring – call recording can be a god send.
Auto Attend
Direct calls to the appropriate department – save time, money and portray a big business image.
No need for additional phone lines and no need to lose phone calls.
Our queue services manage your calls for you.
Call Conferencing
With petrol at £1.40 per litre, a call conference offers a cost effective and time efficient alternative to the boardroom meeting.
Monitor your inbound calls with our whisper service. Hear why your callers are phoning you.