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Why Text?
A better question would be, why not?

Connecting with customers via SMS offers businesses of any size an effective, reliable and cost effective option to communicate instantly with anyone who has a mobile phone. Every business should be considering mobile marketing, and here’s why:

• 97.5% of SMS messages are read within 5 seconds of being received (Ofcom 2011)
• 81% of mobile users are open to receiving opted-in SMS campaigns (Source: AOP)
• The average response to an SMS campaign is 28% compared to direct mail which is 2.6%.
• The average click-through-rate for display advertising online is just 0.11% (Source: Direct Marketing Association)
• Over 70% of the world’s population now own a mobile phone (Source: Digital Blog)
• Over 52,000 text messages are sent worldwide every second (Source: iZigg )
• Almost 50% of consumers who respond to mobile text marketing go on to buy (Source:
• 265 million messages are sent each day (Source: Mobile Data Association)