A Genius Number™ will simply target to an existing UK landline or mobile number.  They are virtual numbers in that no physical installation of a line is required.  We manage everything directly on the network so there’s no need for any equipment.

No you don’t! We are able to target your Genius Number™ to a UK mobile – it will cost you a little more than if it went to a landline but it’s still an extremely cost effective solution.

There are plenty of benefits to be had with our Genius Number™ service.  These include:

  • Cost effective alternative to installation of a landline and avoid the additional line rental
  • Take your number with you wherever you are
  • Have a presence within a targeted market area with our geographical numbers (01 & 02)
  • No need to invest in a phone system but have access to the services such as recording, divert, virtual reception and much more
  • Access to online reports to monitor success of your marketing campaigns
  • Dedicated account management team to ensure you get the most out of your number

Lemon Jelly is an online brand of Call Sense UK Limited.  We were incorporated in 2003 and have provided award winning telecom services ever since.

We can provide the full suite of 08 numbers – 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0871

For requirements such as technical support lines, we can provide 09 numbers

Join the larger corporates with an 03 number offering a cost effective code for your callers

Our most popular numbers are geographical 01 and 02 dialling codes, of which 98% are available

Yes. We do provide memorable numbers, but there may be an additional charge.

Most of our numbers can be live within 24 hours of an order being accepted.

Yes. There is no limit to the amount of numbers you can have pointing to your line.

You can make changes to your numbers through the secure online portal. Any changes you make to the destinations of your Genius Numbers™ will take place immediately.

Call pricing differs depending on which type of number you have.

These are costs to the owner of the number (pence per minute):

- 0800, 03, 01 & 02 numbers are 3.5p to landlines and 8p to mobiles

- 0871 numbers give you a 1.5p rebate

- 0845 numbers have no call cost

Costs to the caller of the number (pence per minute):

- 0800/0808 free from landlines, mobile costs vary

- 0845 numbers cost the caller 4p

- 0871 numbers cost the caller 10p

- 01, 02 & 03 numbers are charged at local and national rate

All of these costs are subject to the caller’s provider as costs may vary.

You are given access to comprehensive online reports which detail the calls to all of your Genius Numbers™.

Of course!  We ensure you are given all the legal stuff and get you registered with PhonepayPlus for any premium rated numbers.

For financial and insurance industry regulations, our call recording is compliant and offers encrypted recordings which can be stored for the necessary 7 years in line with your needs.

PhonepayPlus is the regulator or premium rate numbers in the UK, which includes 09 and 0871 numbers. They focus on long term customer protection and preventing problems. For more information visit their website at www.phonepayplus.org.uk.

If you choose to take advantage of the 3 months free rental offer, you will sign up for a 12 month contract on your Genius Number™. If you do not take advantage of the offer, you will receive your number on a one month rolling contract.

Absolutely not!  You can up and downgrade the package at any time.

You can either cancel your number OR you can outright purchase it and put it into reserve.  The cost of this is £90 + VAT.

Our Genius Number™ features are extensive.  They go from a simple translation to a landline or mobile to a full featured call centre solution.  For more information on the services available, take a look here.

We aim to keep things simple for us and you!  We offer three packages for every Genius Number™. You can chose anything from a simple number to a full feature rich solution to manage your inbound calls.  Take a look here for full information on our packages.

You can pay by cheque, PayPal or Direct Debit.