Alison Alison – Little Miss Whoops

Managing Director at Lemon Jelly and the brains behind the technology. She has 13 years experience as a call centre consultant and has a successful telecoms company called Call Sense UK on which the foundations of Lemon Jelly have been built.


She keeps 4 horses, is keen on extreme sports (snowboarding, mountain biking & power kiting) & expert in the breaking of limbs!
louise Louise – Little Miss Organised

An experienced financial controller, who ensures the smooth running of our accounts department.
She enjoys travelling, spending time with her family & the occasional glass of wine!
Ryan – Mr Greedy

Introducing our very own whizz kid.  “Ryyyyyyyaaannnnn…I think I’ve broken something” are words often heard in our office.  He is quick to respond and fixes almost everything we break!!

Ryan deals with the customer service side of things, so it’ll probably be him you’ll speak to should you give us a call!

He enjoys being slightly geeky, spending time with friends and would love to go skiing sometime soon.
weemee Robyn – Little Miss Chatterbox

Robyn is our social girl! She helps deal with the customer service and takes charge of the social media side of things.
Robyn is always smiling and always happy, the simplest things will make her laugh! She enjoys going out doing all sorts with friends such as going to festivals, bowling and the cinema.
Robyn enjoys going to the gym, swimming and playing badminton where her competitive side comes out! However despite all her hobbies her overall favorite is to chat!
 Ben-Wee-Mee Ben – Mr Sporty 

Ben takes charge and looks after our customers in Nottingham!

Ben is our cheeky chappy however he is a friendly boy who will do anything for anyone. If you need anyone to help it is this guy!

He loves his sports and likes to live on the wild side doing skiing!



weemee (2) Nigel -Mr Clever

Nigel is our brains! He is the engineer manager, so he is the lovely fella who comes to install our phone systems and deals with the fitting side of it.

Nigel is a lovely man and will always make the effort to everyone not just our customers.

Nigel is footy mad and support his local team Wolverhampton Wanderers! He likes going to watch them on the weekends and loves a bit of football banter!

 weemee (1) Paul – Mr Rush 

Paul is an engineer and does a lot of work with our Mr. Clever.

Paul is a young old headed boy, who loves to go out with his friends on the weekend and do different activities.

He is also another footy fanatic and loves his team Birmingham City through and through. He joins in with the footy banter and likes to go watch them with he mates!

This could be you…

Would you stand naked, hiding your pride with a mere fig leaf?  No…nor would we but we are looking for more Jellies to join our team.
We can teach you technical stuff but you need to bring your personality.  You need to be fun, energetic, determined and motivated.