About Us

Lemon Jelly is the online brand of Call Sense UK. Since 2003, we have provided inbound phone numbers to thousands of businesses. The benefits of our services are fab yet don’t break the bank! The team is based in The Midlands.

Not ones to boast but we are very very proud of the awards we have won over the last 10 years. The customer experience is a central focus to our business Рour integrity and knowledge had got us to where we are now.

Lemon Jelly’s core values are:



Commitment to innovation

Strive for excellence

The following mission statement was written on the back of a shopping receipt by our director, Alison. We are all happy it still applies and the entire team has proven

“Call Sense UK is a company devoted to developing your business. Our mission is to provide cost effective and innovative solutions which will improve the way you communicate with your clients and suppliers.”